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Gordon M. Kranz
President, CEO
Enlightened Integrated Program Management, LLC
211 N Union Street Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22314

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October 31, 2015 at 5:58 pm

Gordon Kranz Speaks at IPMW Conference November 16, 2015

WS-01 Integrated Program Management is for all Programs

Earned value management has gotten a bad name over the years because of its
focus on compliance instead of its use as a program management tool. Also, the
size and type of work scope for which Government acquisition mandates a compliant EVM System addresses only a small portion of the total Federal acquisition budget.
The remaining majority of the acquisition budget lacks integrated program management guidance. The principles of earned value management and application of robust schedule techniques can be appropriately tailored and integrated for use on any contract size or work scope effort in a way that facilitates disciplined and integrated program management. In this workshop we will explore the planning and scheduling aspects of program management and discuss how the schedule can be used as the primary mechanism for program management and explore ways to
relate progress to the cost in non-traditional EVM. These methods could benefit smaller contracting companies struggling to implement an EVM System without the capital infrastructure or Services contracts.

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